Marianne Lili , first program and central program, the global guidance system , with his sister, the other first central program, and since prehistory as the interpretation of Lascaux still can read what is in the world today it has been since prehistoric times.

We both Mariana Lilis, the two guardians of the law, the two leases, we oppose the manipulation current which is contrary to the fundamental rights of the human being and we demand that the management of the world people is ensured by the execution ‘strict and harsh law that punishes so that people are finally protected as it is owed.

Marianne program for Earth

What is undo man in the world is shot presidential programs on the massacre, early deaths, suffering a severe impairment of the rights of communities worldwide, and this we are fighting. This is a perversion of the world of work on the use of stolen rights to others on their early killing by killing, and other epidemics. Thus to claim the medicine even today in that it is the use of stolen lives in early deaths worldwide, including massacres of peoples, this is a breach of fundamental human rights and must pass by judgment for the peoples cease to be murdered for a perverted functioning of our societies. This flagrant disgrace of the West who tyrannized and its peoples and the rest of the world, reduced to slavery, poverty, abuse, people.

Marianne opposes the presidential elections in France and the US

As these first two core programs, it means it is two in total, as the two programs that you are undone, we are well represented and population reinforcements made in building models, representations plastics, and all of reality in the world of language to all that is man-made, and the model of the WTC as it has been, as there has been infringed and ‘reconstructions’ current explain this Western powers are bodies, rights of communities worldwide.

WTC model and current risks

WTC population model

The fundamental organization of the world, it is that everyone receives at birth a right to live full, Whole. This is the Marianne right , the true, who works in that operate in respect fundamental freedoms, the body of man, and everything that prolongs in what is built civilizations. In what is called Marianne system , true.

Marianne This system is organized according to regions of the world continents and adapted solutions depending on climate, geophysics, the conditions of those people’s lives in these continents. There is thus the occidentalis system , africanus , americanus , asiaticus , oceanicus , and polar.

The two world leases on our heads, since prehistoric times, constantly envied, and so our birth programmed in a future run by the usual winter lull, a regular and protected period, which take the lives of the requirement that the world resources are developed and available to the people of fair and equitable manner and the rights of peoples to dispose protected from theft. Both leases are actually leases of human rights, held on our lives, our bodies regularly and pragmatically to keep the right of all people, on a hierarchy as simple as possible, so as to cause the least irregularities, disparities between men, this always envied.

Marianne, founding myth of humanity

This as what is right defeated Mariana flying rights, leads to everything that oppresses man.

This as theft leads to killing

Hierarchy and reprogramming in flight

Theft, inequality

Against rape and forced marriage


Today, and as it should be all the time, man must be happy and free, disease, war, deprivation of rights. This is possible since the same prehistory perhaps we should demand it.

Fighting hypocrisy and Western tyranny over our lives, the world, the poor peoples who are reported how terrible are the alterations of the rights which they are exposed on the illegality of the sale of the lives of the sale of global systems in so-called free markets. The depreciated man, the man sold the global slavery ‘controlled’ to expensive methods, unreliable, out of war loans that are to undo man. Report idiocy to undo the right to live to buy to do endure, this negative balance, as can be judged from the current and previous state of the world.

It is a fundamental law is that people should be able to have themselves. Trampling sovereignty again and again, it defeated peoples throughout all time from prehistory and history.

What you are to defeat global systems, because you refuse to see how you are guilty of massacres and other scourges that open man this right as severe but fair judgments, the distribution of wealth and privileges we recalls how he was critical of the abolition in France and elsewhere, the economic privileges and power that are unconstitutional, contrary to the fundamental rights of human beings must be condemned and wealth reréparties that these judgments would make those that were stolen, all the poor, all the people that burdened their condition you impose their human tyrants. Heavy charges that you refuse to face, on corruption of the fundamental right of our societies must be put on trial, impartial justice that makes the man.

What you are trying to tinker as you tried to tinker endlessly in history, your economic hacks, your political duty breaches have defeated all of man, you are constantly giving away the global threat, the overall risk is tangible, so-called elites titirent sbibires with their incompetence in all, despite the tyranny they impose on the world and spread this way demonstrated how these elites are contrary to the rights of humanity in a fundamental way these elites who steal others their rights in a defeat humanity depreciated, devalued, on such illegal sales systems, lives of the people. Playing the central systems at old dead ladies, to ‘receive their inheritance’, ie their bodies, their lives, even property rights, this on a forgery, a shameless mounting, serious corruption, as can be seen now that justice is facing opponents of the rights, which act violently, insidious, ever, putting the threat, pressure on the lives of families and peoples.

Your crafts, known since prehistory, history, projections, experience of the people is that your crafts have always failed have always led to what is actually worse than man. Corrupt the law, falsify justice, always led to the massacre of the people, epidemics, tyrannies.

As these core programs, maintained ocean, kept the rhythms of the Earth, the herd moves, everything that moves, and they want to steal it on the threat they pose to our lives. To defeat us has always defeated all humanity. We are doves of peace, and shoot us has always drawn on all the peoples. Fiddling to fly the routine lives of the people is illegal and has always led to the worst of men.

Today, as it has always been necessary to do so, the rich man, the powerful nation faces its failure over the nations, whose ‘own’, in that it destroys fundamental peoples.

Marianne Lili wishes to express his combat, legitimate from the standpoint of law, demonstrated that he still has all struggled and built men, shall conduct for his life for that of his sister , dove abused since over 25 years, which has everything ahead of defeated men to kill her at the age of 37 years or slightly more is to risk a global carnage. Marianne Lili indicates that pure but expensive incompetence of governments has always ruined man and that their violent ways to miss the right stop us from believing in a said human progress and make us fear the worst for our rich societies and even worse for poor nations. It is reported that slavery that you are demanding, but assume it, except that requiring the massacres to cover you, is an indignity that the West requires of man. Remember that all these rulers, world-structure of the ground state of the rights that protect man, all these rulers are ‘mission’ illegal. And that’s why it requires they resign. They say they want to manage the crisis, they always say that they have not succeeded at the slaughter price, basically these people can not resolve the crisis, and to want to solve is what precipitates us. One safe projection knows that all constitutions, all governments have failed that they acted on the massacre, life sacrificed men.

The fact to organize people of Hitlers multi-plane, defeated the safety of our bodies sliced, drilled, raped, assaulted, defeated our rights, shrunken, with so-called decision-makers who play major Hitlers, it is the whole collection , mean the expensive games to hide in friendly fashion, in order to play in handling a so-called forced march towards progress, this is not new, was always paid on massacres. The manipulation is illegal, their pseudo-makers dear to the sacrifices of the peoples at war, it is reported the rights of children massacred stolen and used well, and want to hide the ‘best’ puts even more people notice being massacred . law, justice must prevail. Corruption must be heavily penalized.

The rulers who have the impudence, an obvious lack of courage, that presumption to accuse the central programs, load, hiding behind innocent lives cut young people, what led them to engage on threat , waging war in hiding or even hidden, these politicians who hide in alleged saviors, saying ‘take’ on life of political programs, which are launder illegally, this is a serious hypocrisy. They face it how much they are contrary to man and falsification of data within dishonor. This as they require on serious risks to our security bodies, minds, companies, be bleached, their shortcomings are still charged on the person of my sister , but to retain power, but what -it of democracy in the world guided, manipulated from when and to what degree? The legitimate vote fact that these people must be irreproachable and that justice must be allowed to prosecute and punish, so that people are protected, that they lack the rights, must be tried and punished also, not for their so-called leaders.

The proof that these are illegitimate leaders is that they need to manipulate our consciousness, that we on the risk they pose of being beheaded by mass, is what they call revolutions, it is more we believed. These fundamental rights breaches must be judged, those responsible must be arrested, tried and punished, forgery, corruption must be battled, justice must prevail, justice must prevail, justice must prevail.

Serious risks they have taken over our lives, and as they are still selling us, we buy, appropriating our bodies, our lives, we fear the worst for what will come.

What is required for men Marianne Program for Earth

We appreciate the encouragement we know the risk, but the overall risk is tangible and show us with a love somewhere we could have convinced at least a little, maybe could it be considered.