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The current risk to humanity led to falsification of accounts, sales of radio control systems, accounts, corruption of justice, this risk, we denounce it, and we demand that leaders who do weigh their presidential programs are ceased to do so on the people to be protected by the enforcement of strict justice, and even calls for the severity and sanctions, given the seriousness of the overall risk to which we are, we all people exposed. Our rights, our lives, all in danger, our minds, our bodies, raped, bribed, their safety defeats, delivered. Sale, and plots, systems, that makes selling our rights, our lives, so contrary to human rights, sovereignty. This, devaluation of the value of human life, because this life seems to be the price, and a bacterium, approximated price of antibiotic treatment, and a calf that is breaking up, that would lead to slaughter, an addition to empty, no one knows how old were treated to helpless old lady or unborn baby or already dead. The effects on our lives of these illegal manipulations, it feels the threat by accident, cancer, another disease that completes us, venture massacre epidemic, bombing, torture, abuse, rape, in to require more slavery in danger of reopening of concentration camps, even in Europe, the old tyrannies that are advertised as may be reapplied, which even in France. A form of global slavery and forced strength our movements, our words, our thoughts. Our consciences in danger. Misinformation, false designation guilty we do run the whole people. Mean how much misery in the world is great, how it is disturbing fate of these millions of people who migrate, including one wonders if we can support them decently this by separation of peoples, so risk of killing again among the poorest countries. Reject neo-colonialism. Mean that even in ‘war’ or ‘after’, we must judge what is stolen, demanded of his life to the people is subjected, and that the West is tyrannical in that it faked the trial and flies well and is dispossessed Similarly in our lives are all connected on this Earth that we need to live decently pacify all happy and free of tyrants who are required to be tried and if prison there must have, while there are ducts. Exposing the commands of lives of death row inmates are doing rulers of the West and others to make them pay for their decisions massacres of peoples. Mean that people have to face the massacre of the requirements they have of peoples. The debt must be limited in dignity, it is not necessary to require the slaughter, premature death for it.

Remind distribution of wealth inequality in ‘war treaties adulterated and even irregular in essence, this the fruit of flight massacre of peoples lives, improperly channeled to the West that its smooth and lives, the indignity of a school, an education, a medicine that works with the use of stolen lives, shot in early deaths worldwide, including in poor nations massacre in epidemics in Africa. Mean that the grip on the poor nations by rich nations must be punished by law, and these people must be freed from the terrible yoke, these peoples to whom we owe the true respect and fair to their sovereignty, their dignity. Resources, lands of poor nations do not have to be as attached to rich countries who lie saying it would be necessary that they submit and the poor nations. Slavery must end. The slaves must be considered in their rights, including to fight their condition. Torture must be abolished. The torture must be considered in their rights, including to fight what they are exposed. The death penalty must be abolished.
All peoples must be protected, alive, happy and free. The sovereignty of peoples, their right to use their land, their resources, on application of a strict and true justice, must prevail.

The fight against cancer

Cancer or war? Both. One causes the other, but which do you speak? To cancer, war, to cure, another war, constantly, the West pays its due to its dead people success in cancers and other morbidities and multiplied car accidents. Rejecting poor countries wars, poverty does not want to suffer, on colonial de’empire monitoring, stress on people, renutri by trapping accounts and powered by the Auschwitz gate that routes lives precociously slaughtered in poor countries to the western europe. Auschwitz, think aus schweiz, to the banks, where the riches of the world are kept, with rights to live stolen, released into the chocolate. Milk or dark? Swiss laundry milk the shit due to those who steal other people’s lives to enjoy extensive rights or does not pay his bill, but rather than steal contain its debt. neutrality to keep this valuable territory which carries with it the fact of having to be fragmented into 4 ever asked question, as we have seen in the division of Germany, Berlin, but also India, Jerusalem, the ‘Israel’s history of Palestine.

A Auch quickly, this is a joke without being one, the speed of the trains, that guy, I say, is already expensive, they said at the time, and it still is.
Speaking of the debts of France that accumulate, and wonder what it fails and that we still go to more debt, however, as if it was not obvious that the problem had been badly treated, and that the poorly posed. Refer to the program and other previous texts. A loan is a lack of coverage of our lives in a future more or less close and even borrow to the past is terribly dangerous for the equilibrium of the people, and this makes us fall. War loans, debt associated with civilization and facing greater debt situation in the second half of France, the youngest. That is why to report the guy announces a hole in the country, it is important to know what one has voted, the killing to halt the massacre is what was voted in France, or should -on say announced what some puns that tell pretty expensive, can save many lives. It is therefore essential to work on the debt settlement so that the dead do not fall. This in that with the least possible dead, as we know from a well managed system Marianne.
Today we fear that the epidemic of cancers increases and the roads become less safe.
Speaking of heresy to require loans to the world, so to perpetuate the health system, yet. Require the massacre for Heil, heil, heil, heil. In reference to what could lead the world to spread massacre of 73 minutes from the dead. Remind borrowings 800 Million of dead for the development required in the world at the end of the nineteenth century, so that we can develop civilization. Recall the conversion factor that constrains falsely risk but increases by devalue life, which leads to killing more easily. And it takes all the patience of poor countries to wait still live happy and free for several centuries that Europe size on its millions of dead paid, quality development. Since we failed in the twentieth century and the others, since we ‘know’, they claim, curb the risk.To coin a phrase, the same way we went.
And distribute risk, even in people, said policymakers or manipulators, who are fighting for the honesty of the dove slate to be awarded the prize of the asshole and the price of virginity. A cacophony, a species of titir to mimile, militias ‘citizens’ who arm themselves yet, that is the government answer that is indignant and is trying to correct, even a bit of Dachau in the legs, and it takes less often, but directly into it. We see that there is the will, that the army is beginning to worry. The police arrive, they organize is pretty expensive, but think in terms of what the loss Chechef not tolerate that of the whole country, that in the demanding, but hidden. Thereby continually demonstrated this goal constantly referred, to make war on his country, the world, in order not to be traitor to all humanity, to itself, to his children, to those we love and those we hate.