Marianne program for Earth

Marianne advocates operating as close to human needs, in order to satisfy fully, fairly and equitably, namely a central functioning of the economy that adjusts the price of commodities based on the performance of just a law that protects man, a justice which continue the right to live each sustainable, decent way, it seems. The scholarship would undoubtedly needless quickly controlled ethical regulation of the economy based on the estimate of what everyone needs, the sovereignty of countries, peoples, so that everyone is protected in its livelihood, his life, his work . Calculated as accurately as it should be the values of things, so that the living human decency, and maybe even good and prosperous. The téléguidage would end the disease, crime, abuse, war on constraints to not harm the man, fluidly, not on a hidden dishonesty slate under stress false slate of honor. The work would be regulated that the physiology of each can support the good and happiness of everyone to enjoy the time, his, space, the world is not prevented but allowed and even assured. Every people have their livelihood, happiness provided closer to the environment, climate, geophysics which are his. The trade would be regulated spaces that do not steal the livelihood of the other, nor undermine the sovereignty of nations and peoples.

An adjustment of the distribution of global wealth is in charge, so everyone can have a life decent and even prosperous, we must demand. These riches have no place to be, they are built on the misfortune, the massacre of the people, this ets a fact that is unable to be judged, and that must be resolved fairly. Poverty, indignity must stop and the war. Luxury is also a product of the indignity of peoples, subsistence and happiness of the people should prevail. The problem of inequality, springs of war and poverty, adjusted, while the luxury would be a pleasure that would be equally distributed in the population, so that everyone can live well and pleasantly so. The current emergency survival on disease risk, health, war, must take precedence to be set. Set antagonisms, some populations rights deficits, inequalities within countries, between nations, this must be done by true justice of the people that debts are examined fairly so that optimal operation of populations is reached, realized.

Marianne Lili insists that the current operation of the country is based on the massacre and the use of the rights of murdered lives, it prégnant dysfunction must stop, and stop it, would undo many hierarchies world. Probably enough centralized management, assemblies could be joined regularly, people celebrate what unites the cultures, of their lives. Probably all of the problems of the citizens could be solved centrally. Offices could operate far as human life optimally. The development would be the achievement of happiness for all the same, and would be reasonable that human life must be protected in all it is, and ecology would be protected optimally, it can do so. The nuclear risk, what about what makes man to ‘control’, and the terror of Marianne to note that how those who try to protect the act chaotic militia on man. These people are a danger for companies, despite their degrees, so for themselves, that the malfunction of humanity is reached.

The allocation of resources should be adjusted to world peace, the theft of these resources rich nations is obvious and must stop. Use for warfare programs or even dare one say the extravagance of these space programs that have nothing resolved the problems of the human, we must stop the hypocrisy must stop. Space exploration should be so qu’édifier man and not to war against man even needy, paid by these wars, almost justifying these wars. Failure constantly reiterated global policy must end.has long been known solve livelihood, human happiness to perfection. Longevity could be beautiful.

Education would be optimal in that the abilities of people would ceased to be stolen, this resolution debts, treaties, flights and living right, one could expect a good overall level and perhaps equal and rich career. Perhaps a comprehensive mechanization would we have a close enough term life that enjoy together only in the world, and the world’s knowledge.


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